Counties 2015 - A CENTURY OF MEDALS

The last 3 weekends at the Magnet and High Wycombe pools saw a large contingent of marlins swimmers smashing PBs, winning medals and breaking records at Counties 2015.   A number of regional times were achieved which augurs well for the rest of the season. 

Qualification for counties has become harder and competition was fierce but Marlins swimmer held their own.   Congratulations to all the swimmers taking part.  The table below  shows the medal table sorted in olympic style in the age group championships. It is hoped that those age group medals can be transitioned into the hard won full county championship medals as the swimmers progress through the club.   In the Age Groups and overall county championships 100 Medals were won.  (note: this does not include junior championship medals which the county website makes it harder to summarise - so overall the count was more - but 100 medals is a good round number) 

Table constructed from data from http://www.bsbasa.org/ResultsDB/Counties/CountiesQueryForm.htm?Meet=Counties&Dates=07/03,08/03,14/03,21/03&Day=4&Year=2015


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Happy New Year to all and best wishes for success in 2015

Youth and Age Group Nationals

Well done and good luck  to all our Qualifiers for Age Group and Youth Nationals. Nancy & Tom Dean attend the Age Group Competition at Ponds Forge Sheffield in July. Abigail Dow, Connie Dean, Damian Ng, Elinor Scanlon, Katie Crowhurst and Maisie Cossins all attend Youth Nationals the following week.

Preparation in training has gone really well, so we are looking forward to some excellent swimming during this prestigious event.  This is by far the largest marlins team at Nationals and a testament to the hard work put in by the coaching team and the swimmers. Sponsorship for some snazzy new poolside kit for our national swimmers  has been given by BMW and SwimOptimum after concerted efforts by some of the swimmers to get financial assistance.   Now the fun part - the swimming - results and live streaming of racing can be found at this link .. http://www.swimming.org/asanationals/asa-nationals-live-stream/

British Champs Glasgow

One of the most prestigious events of the 2014 swimming calendar is taking place this week in Glasgow.   British Champs are acting as the selection event for the commonwealth games and Maidenhead Marlins is represented by 2 swimmers - Connie Dean and Damien Ng.  Extremely well done to both of them to making the event and the best of luck in the coming days.  On Day 1 - Thursday 10th April  - Connie goes in the 200 Free and Damien in the 100 Free heats.  Connie has 4 other events in the following days across Free, IM and Fly. 

Live on-line video coverage of the event  is at this link http://www.swimming.org/live/british-gas-swimming-championships-2014

Winter Regionals - Medlay Relay Gold

A small contingent of marlins swimmer made the trek to Portsmouth on the 7th/8th December.  Results can be seen here http://www.swimmeets.org/res/index.php?id=6&club=MADS

The stand-out achievement was the Ladies Medley relay who walked away with the trophy .. and not a small one as you can see on the photograph.  This is I believe the first time the club has won a prestigious relay at a regional meet so congratulations are due to  Abi Dow (BK 1:05 ), Maisie Cossins (BR 1:15 ), Lily Glover (FLY 1:02) and Connie Dean (FC 0:58).  They won by a clear 3 seconds so well done to all of them.

Head Coach, Paul Lloyd, indicated he was happy with how all the swimmers performed over the weekend and said his goal is to have a bigger team performing as well in coming years. 



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