Arena League Round 1 - our first time in the Premier Division

Maidenhead Swimmers were in good form at their first ever Arena League Premier Division Gala on Saturday 14th October. All the swimmers performed superbly against very tough competition and every point counted. Thanks also to all the supporters who gave the team fantastic vocal encouragement. The final scores and positions were : 

1. Wycombe A     244

2 Thanet A          235

3. Beckenham A  185 

4. RTW Monson   139

5. Maidenehead  124

6. Atlantis          123

We now look forward to the round 2 gala on Saturday 11th November where we have been drawn to swim at Woking against Oxford, Thanet, Portsmouth Northsea, Woking and Staines. Please look out for the team list and well done to all our swimmers.